The triple drivers of increased demand, mass electrification and the huge ramp-up of variable renewables cannot be catered for by our existing electricity grid/s. However, every day, we learn of new innovations in storage, renewable generation, cross border regulation and market improvements which will come online as the pressure increases. Central to all this, the grid itself is also innovating. Not least in the area of smartgrid response. Digital, automated, data-driven smart response systems are key to grid security and stability going forward. This makes asset monitoring and controllability, underpinned by the Smart Grid Indicator, which is now part of the EU Electricity Directive (Article 59), a key link in the chain and a subject worthy of discussion  – being of great interest to our readers.

Here is a brief outline of the upcoming event, sponsored by Ampacimon: 

The discussion and presentations will help distribution grid operators understand the implications of increased demand due to mass electrification, and transition to a carbon neutral energy mix on grids. Discussion will focus on how they can improve the reliability and resilience of their networks; in particular, by increasing grid monitoring and applying AI/ML analytics as advocated by Smart Grid Indicators. The expected main benefits will be highlighted. Namely:

  • Improve SAIFI/SAIDI statistics – better supply quality
  • Faster emergency response – in case of extreme weather/natural disaster/terrorist threat
  • Prevent outages – identify weak spots (asset deterioration) and assess likelihood of breakdown (combining with weather forecast and heuristic statistics) to enable predictive maintenance
  • Efficient grid upgrades – Prioritisation of metrics for which assets to replace/upgrade first
  • Optimal use of grid capacity for DER (renewables, EV and storage) integration

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Vera Silva
Chief Technology Officer, General Electric and Head of Innovation, T and D Europe

Vera Silva is the Chief Technology Officer of GE Grid Solutions and Head of Innovation and industry association Transmission & Distribution Europe. She leads the GE Grid engineering team responsible for designing and producing products in high voltage equipment, HVDC systems, grid automation, grid software and grid services. Previously, Vera Silva was program director for electricity systems and markets and senior engineer at Electricité de France (EDF). Preceding EDF she was a researcher at Imperial College London and The University of Manchester and a lecturer at the Polytechnic Institute of Porto. Vera is a respected industry leader with 3 books and over 40 scientific papers published.

Norela Constantinescu

Norela Constantinescu,
Head of Research and Innovation, ENTSO-E

Norela Constantinescu is leading the research and innovation team of European Networks for Transmission System Operators for Electricity (ENTSO-E). She also leads the work of drafting ENTSO-E R&D Research Plans and R&I projects monitoring and applications activity. She leads the work related to the participation of ENTSO-E in Horizon 2020 projects and coordinates the Research, Development and Innovation Committee of ENTSO-E formed out of 35 TSO members and the activities related to Horizon 2020 Intensys4EU and TDX Assist projects. Previously, she was working for 6 years with the European Commission DG ENER leading on the SET Plan activities.


Ercole de Luca
Engineering and Innovation, ARETI (DSO, ACEA GROUP)

Married with three children, is an Electrical Engineering with a post-graduate specialization in Regulation and Finance of Public Services. Started his career in the telecommunications, then responsible of the energy efficiency in the water sector and during the last ten years of the technological innovation of energy infrastructures


Fréderic Vassort
CEO, AMPACIMON (sponsor)

Frederic Vassort is the CEO of Ampacimon with over 25 years management experience in industrial, innovation-driven companies. Ampacimon is the leading provider of Dynamic Line Rating, which offers low cost solutions to maximize grids capacity. He has been leading Ampacimon for 7 years, following a career in the energy industry with Schlumberger (now Itron) and Engie in particular, in Europe and Asia


Matthew James (Moderator)
Managing Director, ENERGY POST

Working in energy communications for past 11 years, first as Managing Director of Synergy, organisers of European Utility Week, then, since 2014, at Energy Post. Energy Post is read by over 50,000 energy professionals every month. It is technology neutral, offering a platform for experts from all sectors of the energy transition to share their knowledge. The Transition is at the heart of our reports.

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